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A Comparison of Evaluation Methods for Alternatives to Roading (pdf) 1996 351kb
East Coast High Speed Rail Patronage Forecasts 2002 140kb
Patronage Ramp-Up Factors for New Rail Services (pdf) 2003 357kb
Valuing the Cost of Carbon Dioxide Emissions for Land Transport Evaluation (pdf) 1993 230kb
Brisbane Public Transport Fare & Service Levels Demand Parameters (pdf) 2003 277kb
Wellington Heritage Tram Evaluation (pdf) 1993 2339kb
The Relationship Between Track Quality, Usage and Maintenance (pdf) 2004 2427kb
Estimating the Passenger Cost of Station Crowding (pdf) 2005 158kb
Estimating the Passenger Cost of Train Crowding (pdf) 2006 160kb
Valuing Service Improvements through Rating Surveys (pdf) 2006 170kb
Demand Parameters for NSW Rail Services (pdf) 2007 3500kb
Integrated Fares, Integrated Ticketing and Electronic Ticketing (pdf) 2008 800kb
Response Bias in Onboard Questionnaire Surveys (pdf) 2009 244kb
An Explorative Econometric Model of Sydney Metropolitan Rail Patronage (pdf) 2009 289kb

A Discussion on Integrated Fares & Electronic Ticketing in NZ (pdf)



Forecasting the passenger use of rail station lifts 2010 328kb
Estimating the user benefit of rail station lifts 2011 250kb
Forecasting the effect of fare changes on train loads using rooftops 2011 255kb
Tracking the value of rail time over time 2011 240kb
Assessing alternative bus reliability indicators 2012 205kb
Modelling the impact of a freight charge on Sydney Container Traffic 2012 170kb
Modelling the Ability of Fare Incentives to Spread AM Peak Passenger Loads - report for Infrastructure NSW May 2012 2012 481kb
Trends in Wellington City & Regional Rates 1993-2012 2013 188kb
Predicting the Value of Public Transport in-Vehicle Time 2013 319kb
Estimating Transfer Penalties & Standardised Income Values of Time by Stated Preference Survey 2013 416kb
A Review of Transport Project Appraisal in NSW Australia- ATRF Paper 2013 225kb
A Review of Transport Project Appraisal in New Zealand for UK DoT 2013 489kb
A Review of Transport Project Appraisal in NSW Australia for UK DoT 2013 912kb
Public Transport Spine Project - Modelling Funding Options for GWRC 2013 528kb
Rapid Light Rail for Wellington - An Economic Option 2013 121kb
Who are your urban bus passengers and what are they willing to pay for 2014 263kb

If you would like to view these reports please send me an email and I will send them to you.

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