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Nationality: British & New Zealand Year of Birth: 1959

Education: PhD Economics, Leeds University 1985; BA Jnt. Hons. Economics & Geography Newcastle University 1980.

Professional Affiliations: Fellow Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics. Member, Royal Statistical Society; Member of the NZ Tree Crops Association.

Summary: Neil Douglas has approaching thirty years academic, consultancy and management experience in transport economics and planning. Neil has undertaken over 150 consultancy projects and has considerable expertise in Cost Benefit Analysis; economic impact assessment; demand and cost forecasting; externality and resource economics; private sector financing of transport infrastructure, economic theory of markets & regulatory policy and survey methods and analysis. Neil has worked in twelve countries: Australia, Eire, Indonesia, Malaysia, Malawi, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, U.K., U.S.A. and Vietnam and has undertaken studies for Portugal, South Korea, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe whilst based in the U.K. or other countries.

Education and Professional Experience:
1992- Managing Director DOUGLAS Economics (formerly PCIE)
2002- Owner & Manager: Totaras Nut Farm
1993-98 Owner & Manager: Parade Cafe
1990-92 Contract Economist: New Zealand
1990-90 Contract Economist: Jakarta Indonesia
1984-90 Research Economist: Transmark, British Rail
1983-84 Research Officer: Leeds University
1980-83 Doctoral Research: Leeds University

Neil obtained a Joint Honours degree in Economics and Geography at Newcastle University in 1980 and a PhD from Leeds University in 1985 studying the welfare effects of transport deregulation (the thesis was published in book form by Gower Press in 1987). In 1983, Neil was employed as a Research Officer at Leeds University to assess the service performance of UK metropolitan councils. In 1984, Neil joined Transmark (a rail consultancy owned by British Rail) as a research economist and worked on a variety of projects in the UK and overseas. In January 1990, worked as an Economics Lecturer at the Road Transport and Traffic College Jakarta, Indonesia and at regional centres in Indonesia. In August 1990 Neil was employed on contract by Steer Davies Gleave NZ. In 1992, Neil formed DOUGLAS Economics a company registered in Australia and New Zealand that provides financial, economic and market research advice in transport. DOUGLAS Economics has undertaken over 200 projects in NZ, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam and Southern Africa.

Between 1993 and 1998, Neil developed and owned Parade Cafe, a large 150 seat cafe located on Wellington’s waterfront which employed 45 staff and achieved a turnover of $NZ 2 million. In June 1997, Parade Cafe was awarded “Best Cafe in New Zealand” and in April 1998 the café was voted “Most Popular Cafe in Wellington”.

In 2002, Neil bought 20 acres in the Wairarapa to develop a nut farm. 600 chestnut, walnut, hazelnut, pecan, almond and fig trees have been planted. A lake has been established to provide irrigation and provide wet land habitat.

Urban Transport Studies:
Sydney Light Rail (2013) Design and analysis of a suite of Stated Preference surveys to estimate demand parameters for forecasting LRT demand in Sydney using a demand model developed by the Bureau of Transport Statistics Transport for NSW.
Brisbane Fare Elasticities (2013) Advice to Ian Wallis and Associates on econometric analysis of ticket sales data for Brisbane bus and rail operators for TransLink.
Review of NSW/Australia and New Zealand Economic Appraisal (2013) Review of economic appraisal in NZ and NSW/Australia as part of an international benchmarking study for UK Department of Transport by ITS Leeds University.
Wellington PT Funding STudy (2013) Commissioned with Hill Young Cooper – study to look at alternative methods to fund LRT and bus improvements to public transport along the major spine corridor in Wellington.
Pricing Strategies for Public Transport (2012-13) Commissioned by NZTA to develop Willingness to Pay values for qualitative aspects of urban bus and rail transport based on a literature review and market research.
NZTA Economic Evaluation Manual (2012-13) For NZTA - assisting Ian Wallis and Associates to review and update the economic evaluation manual for assessing road and public transport improvements.
Interchange Parameters (2012) Design and analysis of Stated Preference market research for Transport for New South Wales to estimate interchange parameters for rail and bus passengers for inclusion in a patronage model.
Sydney Light Rail (2012-13) Peer review of business case developed by Price Waterhouse Coopers for Transport for New South Wales.
Car Passenger Value of Time (2012) For NZTA: provision of technical advice to Ian Wallis & Associates to estimate the value of travel time for car passengers.
Modelling Effect of Price to Spread Rail Patronage (2012) Commissioned by Infrastructure NSW to model the effect of fare discounts and surcharges to encourage passengers to displace out of the peak hour.
Tangara Economic Evaluation (2012) Commissioned by RailCorp to undertake an economic evaluation of options to extend the life of the Tangara fleet
Modelling Rail Capacity & Demand Interactions (2011) Commissioned by Transport for NSW to review static and dynamic (simulation) approaches to modelling train capacity especially station train dwell times as an input to determining the maximum train frequency per hour.
Value of Time & Displacement (2011) Design and analysis of Stated Preference market research for RailCorp NSW to establish the value of onboard train time and the value of travel time displacement.
Modelling Peak Spreading using Rooftops (2011) Development of a model for Southern Cross University as part of a CRC project using rooftops enhanced to include fare to assess peak hour displacement of passengers from fare discounts and surcharges.
North West Rail Link (2010) for the NSW Transport Construction Authority – Update of a 2005 evaluation by Douglas Economics of a proposed heavy rail link connecting the NW sector of Sydney to Epping.
South West Rail Link (2009) Peer review for the Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation of the South West Rail Link economic appraisal undertaken by Price Waterhouse Coopers.
ACET Trains (2009) Assisting Downer EDI determine the value of the advancing the purchase of new trains for the RailCorp fleet.
Wellington Timetable (2009) Assisting KiwiRail assess timetable options for Wellington suburban rail services
RailCorp Long-term Vision (2009) Economic evaluation of long term options for RailCorp NSW
Road User Charge Review (2009) Providing a commentary for the Bus and Coach Association on the independent review of road user charges BCA commissioned by the Ministry of Transport.
Tranz Metro Review of Objectives (2008-9) Assisting Tranz Metro review business objectives, funding and contract specification for the delivery of passenger services in the Wellington region.
Road User Charge Review (2008) Assisting the Bus and Coach Association prepare a response to a MoT review of Road User Charging as a method of financing road provision in New Zealand.
Economic Activity Model (2008-9) Development of a demand model for RailCorp NSW to forecast short term rail use dependent on fares, service level, employment levels, tourism etc.
Wellington Bus Contract Submission (2008) Review for Mana Coaches of Wellington Regional Council proposals for bus contracts particularly the replacement of net with gross contracts.
Wellington Rail Fares (2008) Development of a model for Tranz Metro to update ticket prices, compare rail fares with car petrol plus parking costs and assess revenue effects.
Sydney Metro Economic Evaluation (2008) Provision of technical advice to the NSW Ministry of Transport on alternative approaches to measure project benefits for proposed Metro systems.
NZ Government Policy Statement (2008) Provision of a written submission on behalf of the Bus and Coach Association (BCA) on the Government Policy Statement as it affects bus services.
Peak Rail Fare Model (2008) Development of a ticket pricing model for RailCorp NSW to assess the patronage and revenue impacts of changes to peak and off-peak ticket prices.
Integrated Fares, Integrated and Electronic Ticketing Review (2008) Review of developments in integrated fares, integrated and electronic ticketing in NZ and overseas for the BCA.
Capital Connection Potential (2008) For Tranz Metro Wellington assessment of the patronage potential for rail services between Wellington and Palmerston North.
Bus Contract Cost Indexation (2008) Review of proposed changes to the cost indexation of bus contracts for the Bus and Coach Association.
IPART Review (2007-8) For RailCorp NSW - assisting RailCorp to peer review studies by Charles River Associates and Booz Allen Hamilton for the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) of NSW as part of a review of rail service pricing.
NZ Transport Management Bill (2007) Preparation of a submission to Parliament regarding changes to the Transport Management Bill on behalf of Mana Coaches.
Wellington Journey to Work Share (2007) For Toll NZ - estimation of rail, bus and car shares for journey to work to Wellington CBD using Census data.
Sydney CBD Alignment Comparison (2007) For RailCorp – enhancement of Harbour Link Model to assess alternative new alignments using new employment forecasts and station layouts.
Sydney Timetable & Passenger Loading Model (2007-8) Development of a detailed model for the Sydney metropolitan network to assess the impact of alternative timetables on passenger loadings.
V Set, K&C Set Upgrade Options (2007) For RailCorp NSW – economic evaluation options to upgrade the outer suburban train fleet and K&C suburban rail cars.
Tangara Upgrade Options (2007-8) For RailCorp NSW – economic evaluation options to upgrade 444 Tangara rail cars.
Bus Reliability Monitoring (2006) For the Independent Transport Safety and Reliability Regulator (ITSRR) NSW – Review of the survey, analysis and method used by ITSRR to monitor on-time running and cancellations for bus service in Metropolitan Sydney and comparison with methods used in Melbourne, Brisbane and London.
Bus Quality Assessment Review (2006) For the ITSRR NSW – Review of a Stated Preference method for assessing the quality of bus services developed by ITS Sydney University in terms of its theoretical and practical application in NSW.
Ticket Multiplier Survey (2006-07) For RailCorp NSW - advice on survey design, sampling and analysis of a survey to establish the average number of trips made on different ticket types.
Sydenham Six Tracks Economic Appraisal (2007) For RailCorp NSW – economic appraisal of options to increase the line capacity between Wolli Creek and Central.
Valuing Rail Service Quality– Sydney (2004-06) For RailCorp NSW, developing and analysing passenger values of reliability, crowding, train and station facilities by market research surveys.
Estimating the Value of On-train Crowding to Passengers (2006) For RailCorp–valuing on-train crowding to rail passengers using stated preference and loading data.
Sydney ‘Harbour Rail Link Model’ (2004-06) Enhancement of the SCARPS model to estimate the patronage impacts of alternative timetables and alignments for rail services through Sydney.
East Hills Economic Appraisal Review (2006) For RailCorp –review of the economic appraisal of options to increase the line capacity of the East Hills line between Kingsgrove and Revesby.
Estimating the Value of Time Spent in Stations (2004) For RailCorp– Estimating the value of time spent in entrance accessway, and platform areas under different levels of crowding.
North West Rail Link Economic Appraisal (2005) For DIPNR NSW. Economic evaluation of $Aus 2 billion rail link to serve the north west sector of Sydney involving a cost - benefit comparison of Heavy Rail, Transitway, Light Rail alignment options.
Wellington Rail Survey (2004-5) For Tranz Rail – design, management and analysis of a large scale on-off count and passenger origin-destination survey of all weekday & weekend services (790) (survey response > 20,000). Included zoning of trip records for spatial trip rate and station analysis.
Sydney CBD LRT Extension Economic Evaluation Peer Review (2004) For DIPNR – providing a peer review of the economic evaluation of LRT options (produced by Booz Allen and Hamilton) for a proposed CBD extension of the LRT.
Sydney CBD Assignment of Rail Passengers to Stations (SCARPS) Model (2004-05) Development of SCARPS model to forecast patronage impacts of alternative alignments for a new heavy rail link through Sydney CBD.
Sydney through City Rail Link (2003) Assessment of Sydney CBD rail patronage profile as part of the assessment of a major new heavy rail link through Sydney CBD.
Sydney CBD LRT Extension (2003) For DIPNR – design and analysis of Stated Preference surveys for Booz Allen and Hamilton and assistance in the development of a demand model to forecasts patronage and revenue for the CBD extension of the LRT.
Value of Time – Sydney (2003-04) For RailCorp NSW, extensive Stated Preference surveys (1,400) of rail passengers to determine the value of travel time, value of service interval and interchange.
SW PT Patronage Forecasts (2003) For DIPNR NSW, assistance to KBR-Halliburton on patronage forecasts for transport options for new release areas in South West` Sydney.
NWRL Peer Review (2003-05) For DIPNR NSW, peer review of patronage forecasts and Stated Preference market research undertaken by Parsons Brinkerhoff and ITS Sydney University.
Canberra Elasticities Primary Services Valuations (2002) Technical adviser to Booz Allen and Hamilton providing Stated Preference market research advice to estimate demand elasticities.
Sydney ‘Through City Rail Link’ (2002) Provision of technical advice to SRA on market research and patronage forecasting for a major new rail link through Sydney CBD.
Brisbane Scenario Model (2002): For Brisbane City Council. Development of a scenario model to estimate fare and service level elasticities for bus, rail and ferry.
Brisbane Integrated Fares (2000-02) Technical adviser to Booz Allen and Hamilton providing market research advice to estimate parameter values on primary attribute values and demand elasticities.
Bondi Beach Rail Link (2001) For SRA. Review of BBRC revenue forecasts for extending the Eastern Suburbs rail line to Bondi Beach. Review included an assessment of revenue risk.
Parramatta - Chatswood Economic and Financial Evaluation (1999-2001) For NSW Department of Transport. Economic evaluation of $Aus 2 billion rail link between Parramatta and Chatswood for Environmental Impact Statement by ERM Kinhill. Commissioned by PRLC in October 2000 and July 2001 to update the economic evaluation.
Parramatta - Chatswood Patronage Review and Ramp Up Assessment (2000) For PRLC. Employed to review patronage forecasts for the Parramatta Rail Link and assess patronage ramp up.
Sydney Ferries (2000) Employed as technical adviser on surveys and model development to Booz Allen and Hamilton in a study for Sydney Ferries to develop a business plan.
Bondi Beach Rail Link (2000) Review and audit of patronage forecasts for extending the Eastern Suburbs rail line to Bondi Beach for the Rail Access Corporation.
Wellington Rail Evaluation (1999) For TransRail - an economic evaluation of the net benefit of commuter rail services in the Wellington Region.
Ganz Mavag Refurbishment (1999) Economic Evaluation of refurbishing 32 Ganz Mavag railcars.
Capital & Wairarapa Connection Survey (1999) Passenger counts and questionnaire survey (1000 questionnaires) for Trans Rail New Zealand.
Wellington Rail Trip Rate (1999) Estimation of rail trip rates for Wellington rail services.
Wellington Passenger Count and Passenger Profile (1998) Passenger counts and questionnaire survey of weekday Wellington rail services (344 services) for Trans Rail New Zealand. The survey employed 40 part time staff, covered all 344 services and involved 6,000 questionnaires.
Hoxton Park Busway Patronage Forecasts (1998) For NSW DoT. Technical advice to PPK in designing and analysing Stated Preference market research to determine mode share parameters for patronage forecasts for a busway linking Liverpool and Parramatta.
Parramatta - Chatswood Economic and Financial Evaluation (1997) For Rail Access. Economic and financial evaluation of options for public transport between Parramatta & Chatswood.
Auckland Passenger Count (1998) Passenger count of Weekday and Saturday rail services for Trans Rail New Zealand.
Auckland Quality of Rail Surveys (1994) Five surveys (Oct 93, March 94, October 94, April 95, June 96) of one to three thousand questionnaires each of Auckland rail users covering profile, satisfaction and attitudes towards rail travel for Trans Rail New Zealand.
Sydenham Sydney (1994) Economic and financial evaluation for CityRail of a $Aus 65 million project to increase rail track capacity from four to six tracks.
Pyrmont - Ultimo LRT Extension Economic Evaluation (1994) For NSW Department of Transport –provision of an economic evaluation of extending the proposed LRT route.
Effects of Bus Competition on Light Rail Patronage (1998) For SLRC assessment of the potential loss in revenue to bus services running between Sydney CBD and the Pyrmont Peninsula via the Casino.
Sydney LRT CBD Demand Forecasts (1995) For NSW Department of Transport - worked in association with Booz Allen & Hamilton to provide demand forecasts for an LRT service through Sydney CBD from Central to Circular Quay.
East Hills Amplification Economic and Financial Appraisal (1995) For RailNet - economic appraisal of increasing the line and junction from two to four tracks for the East Hills line.
Rolling Stock Refurbishment (1995-96) For TranzRail - an economic and financial appraisal of refurbishing the appearance of the Ganz Mavag units on the Hutt and Kapiti Coast rail lines.
Sydney M2 Busway Patronage Forecasts (1996) For NSW DoT. Technical advice to Rust PPK in designing and analysing Stated Preference market research to determine mode share parameters for patronage forecasts of the M2 Busway.
Parramatta - Chatswood Rail Link Patronage Forecasts (1996) For Rail Access Authority NSW –market research advice to RPPK to estimate parameters for the Parramatta – Chatswood rail link.
Passenger Kilometre Study (1993) Interview survey for New Zealand Rail of all passengers leaving Wellington Railway station to determine the average distance travelled.
Perth Transportation Options (1993) Economic advice to Western Australia DoT on cost benefit issues regarding transport options for the SW corridors of Perth.
Auckland Passenger Survey (1993) Questionnaire survey (5,000) of the Auckland Rail System covering profile and attitude data for New Zealand Rail.
Auckland Car User Survey (1994) For CityRail Auckland, Interview survey to establish car user attitudes to rail transport.
Auckland Rail Trip Rate Analysis (1994) Determination of trip rates for two Auckland corridors to aid future service planning by CityRail Auckland.
Brisbane (1993) Evaluation, using Stated Preference, of improved interchange facilities between public transport services. For Queensland Dept of Transport and Queensland Univ of Technology.
Auckland LRT & Busway (1991) Market research for Auckland Regional Council into the demand for LRT and Busway systems with particular emphasis on qualitative factors.
Wellington Critical Corridor Study (1990) Demand forecasts for New Zealand Rail based on market research of bus competition on three radial commuter railway lines.
Economic Appraisal of a Branch Railway Line (1992) Assessment of the impact of closing the Melling branch railway line for the Hutt City Council (New Zealand).
Effects of Qualitative Factors on Public Transport (1991) Demand parameters to assess transport quality for the Wellington Regional Council. Results were presented at the New Zealand Statistical Society August 1991 "Reliable Valuations from Stated Preferences" and in "Transport Wellingtonians’ Want" The Dominion Newspaper July 1992.
Canberra LRT (1992) Provision of 'rule of thumb' estimates to Denis Johnson and Associates that assessed the demand effects of L.R.T.
Sydney Elasticity Study (1992) Estimation of primary service elasticities for CityRail NSW.
CityRail NSW Quality of Service Factors (1994-95) Valuing train and station design, reliability, information, seat availability through a passenger surveys (3000 interviews).
Integrated Pricing Study (1993) Assessment for the of pricing and costing methodologies used by the Road Traffic, State Rail and State Transit Authorities of NSW.
Johnsonville Rail Line Analysis (1993) Assessment of development options for a 10.5km urban railway line. Results summarised in the Wellington Evening Post "Looking Back for a Vision of the Future" 17th Aug 1993.
Bradford (1987) Evaluation of electrification options for rail services in the Bradford metropolitan area for Bradford City Council.
Chicago Fares (1987) Evaluation of alternative fares structures for the Chicago Transit Authority. Findings presented at TRB USA 1988.
Phoenix Rapid Transport (1987) Assessment of passenger preferences for different transport technologies. Main findings were presented at PTRC Bath UK 1988.
Fleet Street Land Use (1987) Forecasting land use change and office employment in the Fleet ST area of London for London Underground.
Manchester LRT (1989) Forecasting LRT ridership for the eventually successful consortium bidding for the contract.

Freight Studies:
North Sydney Freight Corridor (2009) Peer review for the Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation of the North Sydney Freight Corridor economic appraisal undertaken by SAHA.
Dunmore Loop (2009) Economic and Financial evaluation of a proposed extension of a passing loop on a south coast branch line in NSW.
Factors affecting Mode Choice of Coastal Shipping (2009) Technical advice to Richard Paling Consulting in a study to assess opportunities to increase the use of coastal shipping in NZ.
Queensland Coal Route, Technology and Port Evaluation (2008) Assisting Worley Parsons assess alternative rail routes and operating systems to export Queensland coal.
Southern Africa Coal Tariff Estimation (2008) Assisting Worley Parsons estimate the cost of transporting coal by rail from an inland mine to port to assist in tariff determination.
International Rail Coal Tariff Benchmarking (2007) Review of coal tariffs charged by rail for transporting coal in USA, Australia, NZ, southern Africa and India to assist Worley Parsons advise a coal mine in negotiations with a rail operator.
Freight Infrastructure Charge (2006) For NSW Department of Transport. Estimation of the price elasticity governing road and rail container market share and application to determine the required freight infrastructure charge to achieve a target rail share of Sydney import and export containers.
Liverpool Ranges (2006) For ARTC as subconsultant to TMG International. Demand analysis of freight (particularly coal) and passenger traffic and the financial appraisal of options to increase capacity and performance of rail transport to the Port of Newcastle over the Liverpool Ranges.
Tasmania Rail Cost Model (2005) For DIER Tasmania / Pacific National: working with TMG International to develop a specification for maintenance cost model of Tasmanian rail.
Tasmania Freight - Rail & Road Maintenance Cost Comparison (2004) For DIER Tasmania – Working with TMG International to develop a model to evaluate the maintenance costs of alternative road – rail shares for freight for the Bell Bay – Launceston corridor.
Northland Freight Strategy (2000/02) For Tranzrail - Assessment of rail and road operations for Northland freight. The study included forecasting forestry and dairy products, assessing rail and road competitiveness with a new port at Marsden Point and subsidy eligibility under section 3D rules.
Cootamundra-Tumut Freight Study (2002) For Rail Access Corporation – Economic assessment of options to re-open the Cootamundra – Tumut freight line including an intermodal terminal.
Australia National Rail Freight Investment Strategy (1994) For the Bureau of Transport Economics & Communications Canberra - Provision of technical investment appraisal advice to develop a national investment strategy for rail infrastructure in Australia.
Indonesian Rail Rehabilitation (1985) & Indonesian Coal Tariff (1987) Both studies looked at the delivery of coal from sea port (Cigading) to cement works (Cibinong). The 1985 study evaluated investment options; the 1987 assessed rate structures for transporting coal.
European Freight Strategy Study (1985) statistical analysis of UK – Europe rail freight flow data.
New Zealand Inland Freight Distribution (1990): Advice to NZ Railways & Port of Wellington on the relative attractiveness of different New Zealand ports for the distribution of international freight.
Distribution of Notes and Coins (1992) Development of a model for the NZ Banker's Association to evaluate inventory and transportation costs of different distribution systems.
Portugal Small Freight Study (1988) Stated Preference market research for Portugal Railways to determine the key factors influencing freight carrier choice for parcel mail.
Malaysia Railways (1985) A strategic assessment of the economic and financial benefits of an inland container distribution system (road/rail) for the state railway (KTM).
Lake Malawi (1989) Assessment of the developmental potential of the lake for freight and passenger transport between and within the countries of Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique.
Northern Ireland Railways Corporate Plan (1986) All aspects of NIR's business were critically reviewed; alternative strategies were developed then assessed against defined management objectives.
Thailand State Railways (1988-89) Assistance to the marketing section of Thailand State Railways in demand forecasting and costing to develop a strategic plan for freight.

Station Studies:
Dunmore/Flinders NSW (2010) For RailCorp: Financial and economic evaluation of upgrade options for Dunmore/Flinders station.
Redfern NSW (2009) For RailCorp: Financial and economic evaluation of upgrade options for Redfern station taking account regeneration issues in the surrounding catchment.
Car Parking NSW (2008-9) Development of a economic evaluation framework for RailCorp using passengers surveys to assess car parking provision at NSW commuter rail stations.
Town Hall Station (2006-7) For Arup. Financial and economic evaluation of upgrade options for Town Hall station.
Wellington Rail Station (2005) For Tranz Metro Wellington. The design, management and analysis of a ‘before & after’ passenger survey involving rating and priorities for improvement of stations.
Wellington Rail Station Upgrade (2002) For TranzRail - management and analysis of in-depth market research (3,000 questionnaires) to determine passenger priorities for upgrading rail stations within the Wellington Region
British Rail Station Design Studies: Leeds (1989) Sunderland (1988); Kings Cross Midland (1987); Manchester Piccadilly (1986); Kings Cross International (1989): Development of a computer simulation model with London Transport to evaluate alternative station layouts.
London Underground Station Design Studies: Station Appearance Improvement (1986-89); Angel Islington (1987) Both studies derived passenger valuations for station access, amenity and appearance.
British Rail Station Location Studies: Development and application of a method for assessing access to the rail network: Bristol Parkway (1985); West Coast Main Line (1985); Network SouthEast Car Access Study (1986); West Yorkshire Parkway (1988); North Bedfordshire Parkway (1989); Kings Cross Extension (1988),
Newcastle New South Wales (1994) Economic and Financial Evaluation of a new station at Warrabrook to serve Newcastle University and residential areas for CityRail Planning.
Metford Station NSW (1994) Economic and Financial Evaluation of a new station at Metford on the Maitland line for SRA (NSW).
Wolli Creek (1994) Economic and financial evaluation for CityRail of a $Aus 17.5m station at the junction of the New Southern Railway and the Illawarra and East Hills lines
Redfern Station Upgrade (1997) Economic and financial evaluation for CityRail Finance and Development of investment options for upgrading Redfern station.
Parramatta Station Upgrade (1994) Economic and financial evaluation for CityRail Planning of an additional subway and upgraded concourse area.
Blacktown Station Upgrade (1994) Economic and financial evaluation for CityRail Planning of a new station to handle the forecast increase in passenger throughput.
Strathfield Station Upgrade (1994) Economic and financial evaluation for SRA of alternative options for upgrading Strathfield station.
Penrith Station Upgrade (1998) Economic and financial evaluation for SRA of alternative options for upgrading Penrith station with emphasis on passenger capacity for the Olympics.
Ashfield Station Upgrade (1998) Economic and financial evaluation for SRA of alternative options for upgrading Ashfield station.
Bankstown Station Upgrade (1998) Economic and financial evaluation for SRA of alternative options for upgrading Bankstown station.
University of Western Sydney (1995) Economic and financial evaluation for RailNet of a new station to serve the University of Western Sydney compared to enhanced shuttle bus services.
Wellington Station Refurbishment (1995-96) For TranzRail - an economic and financial appraisal of refurbishing the platform canopy and internal decor of Wellington station.

Energy and Environmental Studies:
Assessment of Alternative Wellhead Taxation Regimes (1993) Economic assessment of alternative taxation systems for New Zealand oil exploration and production for the Petroleum Exploration Association of New Zealand.
Economic and Environmental Impact of Fuel Demand (1992) Assessment of the impact of fuel demand in New Zealand on the balance of payments and economic growth and an assessment of environmental policies.
Economics of Transport Externalities (1992) Assessment of the costs of air pollution and the relative merits of regulation and charging mechanisms for Transit New Zealand.
Energy Use, Sustainability and Transport (1992) Assessment of alternative ways of achieving sustainability in the fuel usage by the transport sector.
Monetary Valuation of Carbon Dioxide Emissions (1993) Review of techniques to value carbon dioxide emissions for inclusion in the Transit New Zealand Project Evaluation Manual.
Air Travel Studies:
Melbourne Airport Access Study (2001) Technical advice to Booz Allen & Hamilton to design and analysis a survey to assess improved bus or rail access to Melbourne airport.
Incheon Airport (2001) advice to Booz Allen and Hamilton on questionnaire design for a study of improved access to Incheon airport.
Sydney Airport Link and Sydney - Canberra Review (1997) Review for Bouyges of patronage and revenue forecasts.
Sydney Airport Link Economic Evaluation (1992) Economic evaluation of an $Aus 550 million link from Sydney Central Station to Kingsford Smith International Airport for the New South Wales Department of Transport.
Sydney Airport Link Patronage Forecasts (1993) Patronage and revenue Forecasts for an $Aus 500-800m airport link from Central Sydney to Kingsford Smith International Airport for a consortium of private companies and public institutions.
Sydney Domestic Terminal (1994) Study undertaken with CityRail Planning to estimate the patronage and revenue impacts of alternative rail terminal locations at Sydney Domestic Airport.
Sydney Airport Link Review (1992) Review for the NSW Department of Transport of existing patronage forecasts.
US Airline Deregulation (1985) evaluation of net benefits of airline deregulation using patronage, revenue, cost and service data. Research findings were presented at the 1986 CICC conference in a paper "The Lessons of US Air Deregulation".
Florida Air Visitor Survey (1985) Estimation of sample size, sampling technique etc to the Florida Dept. of Commerce for undertaking air surveys.

Inter City Passenger Demand Forecasting Studies:
CountryLink RollingStock Options (2010) Economic and financial appraisal for RailCorp of options for the replacement of the XPT CountryLink NSW fleet.
Hamilton – Auckland Patronage Forecasts (2009) Assisting KiwiRail develop patronage forecasts for the re-introduction of rail services between Hamilton and Auckland
Intercity Coach Pricing Model (2008) Development of a model for NakedBus company to use web information to optimise yield management.
East Coast Very Fast Train (2001) Subcontractor to TMG International to develop demand forecasts and provide a financial and economic evaluation of high speed train services between Brisbane and Melbourne for the Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services.
Sydney - Newcastle Financial and Economic Evaluation of Rail Upgrade Options (1999-2000) provision of patronage forecasts and the financial and economic evaluation of train and track infrastructure improvements between Sydney and Newcastle costing up to Aus $1 billion for Rail Access Corporation, NSW DoT and State Rail Authority.
Sungold Stated Preference Surveys (2000). Sub consultant to Ove Arup providing advice on survey design and analysis to estimate parameters for inclusion in a travel demand model (EMME2) to forecast ridership for upgraded rail services on three major radial corridors out of Brisbane.
Sydney-Canberra Patronage Advice (1998) Technical advice to Capital Rail Consortium on patronage and revenue to build and operate a high speed Sydney-Canberra rail service.
Sydney-Canberra Patronage Audit (1996) Audit of patronage forecasts for Very High Speed and High Speed Trains for the ACT, NSW and Commonwealth Governments.
Sydney-Canberra Tilt Train (1994) Technical Director for DJA Maunsell on a job for the NSW DoT to develop and analyse market research to determine diversion to a tilt train service.
Taiwan (1992) Passenger forecasts for a High Speed Rail Network for the Provisional Office of High Speed Rail, Taiwan.
Illinios (1986) Passenger forecasts for rehabilitating rail corridors radiating from Chicago for the Illinios Dept. of Transport.
Ohio (1984-5) Development of an inter-city demand model covering all main modes for the Ohio Department of Transport.
Ireland (1988) Forecasts of rail demand for cross-border rail travel for competitive service levels.

Tourism Related Studies:
Tourism Benefits from Road Improvements (1992) A member of a review panel formed by the New Zealand Tourism Department to appraise a study to quantify the tourism benefits of road improvements.
Wellington Heritage Tram (1993) Assessing the economics of a tram service for central Wellington aimed at the tourist and leisure markets for the Wellington Capital Development Agency, Stagecoach and Lambton Harbour Development.
Jackson Street Heritage Tram (1993) Assessing the economics of a heritage tram service for Jackson Street Petone aimed at attracting tourists and leisure shoppers for the Jackson St. Program. Involved tourism and shopping market research.
Milford Sound - Haast Toll Road Survey (1993) Provision of specialist advice to Travers Morgan on Questionnaire Design to gauge tourist response to a toll road linking Milford Sound and Haast.
Tourism Impact of Interislander Terminal (1994) Economic Impact Assessment of locations using survey spend estimates and economic multipliers for the inter-island ferry terminal for Wellington Capital Development Agency, Wellington Port Authority, Lambton Harbour and NZ Rail.

Other Studies:
Train Radio System Economic Evaluation (2006) For RailCorp – undertook an economic evaluation of options to renew the TRS against continued operation and maintenance of the existing system. Options included a new GSM-R digital system and renewal of existing MetroNet system.
Performance and Cost Comparison of Digital Train Radio Systems (2005) For RailCorp – provided economic advice to Halcrow to evaluate three digital train radio system technologies for possible replacement of the existing analogue train radio system for Sydney passenger rail services.
Security of Rail Guards in Toast Martinborough (2003) For Tranzrail – development and analysis of a survey to assess “perceptions” and “actual” personal and customer safety on Toast Martinborough rail services.
Passenger Lift Evaluation (2002-3) pre and post tender evaluation of passenger lift tenders for SRA Capital Works. The study involved development and application of a financial and economic tender assessment model. Demand and costs forecasts were produced for Machine Room Less Traction and Hydraulic lifts offered by two lift companies. Discounted capital costs, operating and maintenance costs and demand related benefits were evaluation over twenty years.
Evaluation Techniques (1996-98) Lecture to the MSc Development Studies Course at the University of Victoria Wellington. The lecture gave a general overview of economic appraisal techniques with special reference to their use in project appraisal in developing countries.
Project Evaluation Manual for Alternatives for Private Road Transport (1995-96) For Transit New Zealand. The study compared Financial Appraisal, CBA, Economic Impact Assessment, Cost Effectiveness Analysis and Multiple Criteria Analysis as alternative approaches for evaluating projects and policies submitted to Transit New Zealand for funding under section 3D of the 1995 Transit New Zealand Act. Detailed procedures with default parameter values were developed for undertaking CBA project appraisals for use by Territorial Authorities and consultants.
Modernising Vietnam Railways Telecommunications (1996) For Vietnam Railways (as sub consultant to Consultel) with project paid by Ministry of New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade. The study evaluated the costs and benefits of modernising the telecommunication transmission line and receiver equipment. The study required visiting Vietnam to determine the priorities for improvement and establish the nature of any impacts.
Transport Economics Lecturer, Road Transport and Traffic College Jakarta, Indonesia (1990) six months employment on a World Bank project managed by University College London and T.P. O'Sullivan & Partners. A degree level course in transport planning for Government Officials was developed. Economics was one of four components. Led the economics team (3 lectures), developed and delivered course material, prepared and delivered short courses in road appraisal techniques at regional centres in Indonesia.
Urban Consolidation Benefits (1992) An assessment for the NSW Government of the total infrastructure cost savings of redeveloping the Sydney Central Industrial Area rather than developing the urban periphery. Physical infrastructure: drainage, utilities, local roads, social infrastructure: schools, park land, hospitals, emergency services, and transport infrastructure savings were costed.
Private Sector Funding of Roading (1992) Assessment of private sector funding for a major bypass for SH1 (Transmission Gully) serving Wellington. For Transit New Zealand. Paper presented with Hamish Nuttall at AIC Conference, Auckland 1992
Track Standards (1987) Statistical analysis of Australian and Zimbabwe rail track quality data to help investment and maintenance decisions for The Overseas Development Agency.
Seaview Ferry (1992) Financial appraisal of relocating and improving the Wellington Harbour ferry Service. For the Hutt City Council.
Visions of Wellington (1993) Survey for NZ Rail of public impressions of Wellington.
Cost Effectiveness in Local Authority Transport Provision (1983-84) An assessment of the performance of UK metropolitan councils in providing cost effective service provision. Findings were presented in "Institute for Transport Studies Resource Paper, 1984".
Doctoral Research Leeds University (1980-84) into the welfare effects of express coach deregulation in 1980. Summary findings were presented at the 1984 conference: "Beyond Deregulation" held at MIT, Boston, USA.

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