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Speaker at the Annual Bus & Coach Association Conference 2014 - April 11th 2014 Presentation entitled "Who are your urban bus passengers and whNeil at Annual Bus & Coach Association Conferenceat are they willing to pay for". The presentation summarised a market research study of 12,500 passengers in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington in 2012/2013 for the NZ Transport Agency.

How many people can you get on a train and how long does it take them to get on and off? - A presentation given at the Chartered Institute for Transport and Logistics on 9th April 2014. You can view the slides by clicking on the link.

How can you manage peak hour passenger loads for trains by using fare incentive - A report commissioned by Infrastructure NSW in 2012 which you can access on the following link.

Speaker at Sydney Main Roads Conference - Neil Douglas talked about recent trends in project appraisal in Australia and NZ and used the Roads of National Significance program in NZ to illustrate how the role of Cost Benefit Analysis had declined and how political judgment has increased. You can see the slides by clicking here.

How many people can you fit on a train and how long does it take to get them on and off?  Neil Douglas undertook a study of analytical methods  including simulation for Transport NSW to determine the passenger capacity of single and double deck trains. You can read the study by clicking here.

Transport project appraisal - Neil Douglas assisted Ian Wallis and Adam Lawrence to review transport appraisal approaches and parameter values for NZTA. View here.

Expert Witness - Neil Douglas is an expert witness in the Basin Reserve Flyover. Neil's evidence.

Current Projects:

Port Botany Inland Container Modelling - Development of a model for Transport for NSW to estimate and forecast the road/rail share for import and export containers through the Port of Botany.

UBAT Peer Review - Peer review of the economic appraisal of the proposed underground bus and rail tunnel for the QLD DoT.

Inner Sydney Public Transport Market Research - Design, analysis and reporting of four surveys for the Bureau of Transport Statistics NSW to develop a suite of parameters for patronage forecasting and undertake economic evaluations. The surveys involved interviews using handheld computer tablets and self-completing paper questionnaires handed out onboard vehicles. The survey has covered stop/station and vehicle quality, values of time, service interval, reliability, travel time displacement and in-vehicle time multipliers.

Recent Projects:

Project Appraisal in Australia & NZ

Douglas Economics was engaged by Peter Mackie of ITS Leeds University to undertake 'country' reports on Australia and New Zealand as part of a benchmarking the UK's transport appraisal methods and processes. The reports can be accessed via the UK Department of Transport web site.

Pricing Strategies Study - A survey of bus and rail users in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland to estimate the value of stop/station quality, bus and train quality, the value of travel time and the value of service frequency. The study used a five star system to rate quality of various attributes and determine the willingness to pay for changes in quality using Stated Preference market research. The final report was submitted to NZTA in January 2014.

LRT Economic Evaluation Methodological Review  - Review for TfNSW of the method used to estimate user benefit for a proposed LRT in Sydney. The study recommended the use of a 'log sum' method that uses the demand forecasting model developed by the Bureau of Transport Statistics. The recommendation was subject to the modelling of travel routes in the with and without situations.

Perth MAX LRT - Specialist advice patronage and economics to the Department of Transport WA of the proposed MAX Light Rail for Perth.

Wellington LRT/Bus Rapid Transit Funding Study - Calculation of the impact on local rates of building and operating a LRT or Bus Rapid Transit system for Wellington taking account the revenue raising potential of petrol tax increases, car parking levies and cordon charges.

Wellington Rapid Light Rail - Development of a waterfront Light Rail (click here to view article) option with architect and planner Daryl Cockburn. The proposed LRT route would link the Football Stadium, Railway station and Entertainment district in stage 1 costing $93 million.

Roving Scoop Reporter:

Neil Douglas often with his two Labradors Henry and Harriet have been sniffing out stories in and around Wellington. Here are some stories written in 2013/2014.
Inaccessible walking tracks on Tinakori Hill due to storm damage and when fixed.
Taxis (lack of) at Wellington Airport and how to save $7 on your airport taxi fare.
Wellington airport overestimated growth forecasts?
Three stories about recent rail station closures in the Wellington region:
Stations in danger in the region
Kaiwharwhara station closure
Ngauranga station refurbishment but which has low use
A waterfront route for LRT in Wellington.
Comparing Perth and Wellington
Cahill Expressway in Sydney – a comparison with the proposed Wellington Basin Reserve flyover.
Escalating Local Rates Bills – rural areas hit the hardest.
Fifty ways to kill a possum.


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